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Whether you've just started learning pool or have been playing for years, you know how important it is to choose the right billiard cue to improve your game. At Imperial, we carry some of the best pool cues in numerous finishes, formats and weights to help improve your game while showcasing your personality. Find an Imperial dealer near you today to find your perfect cue.


    As their name suggests, one-piece billiard cues are made from a single piece of material such as wood or fiberglass. Many beginners prefer to use these pool sticks because they are easy to handle.

    Cue Cases

    Two-piece pool cues have a joint in the middle for easy transportation. Players who frequently travel to play pool prefer a two-piece stick because they can quickly unscrew the two sections and pack them into a case to carry their billiard cue to and from events discreetly.

    Whether you play pool for fun or competitively, you want to protect your pool cue set when it is not in use. When you shop our selection of pool stick cases, you'll find premier carrying cases to protect your cue from humidity, dust or damage from bumps and scratches. Our luxurious cases have a professional appearance to create a sense of respect among competitors.

    How to Pick a Pool Cue

    Make your next game of pool one to remember with a stick from Imperial. Shop our one-piece pool cues and two-piece pool cues to find the best pool sticks for your next match.

    Find the Best Pool Cue for You Today

    Your pool cue is an extension of yourself and your skills during a game of pool, making it essential to choose a cue that works best for your skill level and specific playing needs. As you browse our billiard cue options at Imperial, here are a few factors to keep in mind:


    A pool cue should fit the length of your arm to provide better control while playing. Most adult players use a 57-inch, one-piece billiard cue or a 58-inch, two-piece pool stick. Children who wish to start playing pool should use a smaller pool cue, such as our 42-inch or 48-inch pool sticks. At Imperial, we also carry specific sizes for certain plays, such as our 52-inch pool sticks for shooting around tight spots.


    Most of a pool cue stick's weight rests on the thicker end. If your pool cue feels too heavy in your hand, consider choosing a lighter one. If you are shorter in height, you may prefer a lightweight option to prevent the need to lower the butt and raise the cue's tip while shooting. 


    The tip is at the front of the pool cue and makes contact with the cue ball when you hit it. There are three types of tips available that can impact your gameplay:

    -Soft tip: This option is ideal for those who like to put a significant spin on their ball while playing.

    -Medium tip: A medium tip provides consistent play and requires less maintenance.

    -Hard tip: The hard tip absorbs less energy to create less spin on the cue ball.

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