One-Piece Pool Cues

One-piece pool cues are a simple and effective cue option ideal for beginner and expert players. Since one-piece pool sticks are easy to handle, they allow players to focus on essentials such as stroke and aim. 

At Imperial, players can choose pool cues in various lengths as well as our standard length 58-inch cues. These additional sizes, such as our 42-, 48- and 52-inch one-piece pool sticks, are ideal for children or for playing in tighter spaces. We also carry sticks in several weights and styles to help you find the perfect cue for your playing needs.

Benefits of a One-Piece Pool Cue

Many players prefer using a one-piece billiard stick due to its feel during play. Unlike two- or three-piece cues, one-piece pool sticks do not have joints, allowing a player to feel the full impact as a cue tip connects with the ball. This impact helps players to sense whether their shot was good or not.

One-piece cues do not require assembly, making them ideal for players who do not need to travel to play a game of pool. Whether you choose a 58-inch cue or a smaller size, such as our 42-, 48- or 52-inch one-piece pool cue options, you can easily store and protect your billiard stick on a rack or in a case. 

4 Things to Keep In Mind When Buying Your Pool Cue

Since your pool cue serves as an extension of your arm during play, the type you choose can impact how you play. Luckily selecting the right pool cue is easy when you consider these factors:

1. Budget

Finding the perfect cue includes one in your budget. At Imperial, our pool cues are affordable without sacrificing quality. If your current cue has a few dents, scratches or is generally looking worn, your game will see an improvement by investing in a new one.

2. Skill

Many beginner players tend to use a lightweight, inexpensive cue as they learn the rules. As players gain more skill, they may upgrade to a heavier cue that provides more control. At Imperial, we offer various one-piece billiard cues to help you find the perfect option for your skill level.

3. Performance

When choosing a cue, you also want to select an option that will provide the best performance. The cue tip you choose can affect your play efficiency. A hard tip will create more consistent play and require less maintenance, while a soft tip can put more spin on the cue ball.

4. Weight and Balance

The weight of most one-piece cues rests in the butt. As you choose your cue, make sure it feels balanced in your hand to prevent overcompensating or pulling the tip up during the follow-through. 

Find an Imperial Dealer Near You Today

When selecting a new one-piece pool stick for yourself or as a gift, choose the best. At Imperial, we offer various wood and fiberglass pool cues to fit your budget and playing needs. Find your nearest Imperial Dealer today to find a one-piece pool cue that fits your needs and play style to start improving your game. 

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  1. The Rescue 52" Cue

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  2. The Rescue 48" Cue

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  3. The Rescue 42" Cue

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  4. The Rescue 36" Cue

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