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Pool Tables

Imperial pool tables merge enjoyment with fashionable designs and offer versatile solutions combining functionality with entertainment. Our products are meticulously crafted using the best in North American hardwoods, including Douglas fir, ash and maple. We offer several table styles, from contemporary to traditional and modern. When you choose from our extensive range of top-quality pool tables, you can select a cloth color that best suits your tastes, giving you a customized pool table fabric that complements your decor. Find an Imperial dealer near you and browse our pool tables today.

Buy Your New Pool Table at Imperial

Buying a pool table is an exciting investment. It's essential to research what type of pool table you would like to purchase to get the best return on your investment. Similar to how your pool cue is an extension of your arm while you play, your pool table will become the centerpiece of your playing universe.

At Imperial, we offer a wide selection of pool tables to meet your needs. Regardless of whether you are looking for 7-foot pool tables or would like to enhance a room with a modern pool table, our versatile selection will allow you to find the billiard table you need with ease.

What to Look for When You Buy a Pool Table

There are several things to consider so you buy a table that meets your needs, including:


  • Size and space available: Even smaller pool tables require significant space, especially when you consider the area needed around the table for people to move around and play. Consider what you can accommodate with the available space, and remember to include room for drawing back a 58-inch cue to shoot.

  • Style and current decor: Think about where you plan to place the pool table and the existing decor and furniture in that room. To ensure your new pool table complements the current aesthetics, make sure its finishes, from wood tone to felt color, match the style of the room.

  • Materials and level of play: You may want a pool table as a source of entertainment for the family, or you could be more serious about the game and intend to play professionally. Numerous budget-friendly options exist made of different materials, but for competitive play, opt for a solid wood table with a slate playing surface and rubber cushions.

  • Cost and available budget: Before picking out that perfect pool table for your home, consider what you're willing to spend on it. While there are several budget tables available, buying a well-crafted, quality pool table gives you an investment with a life span long enough to become a family heirloom.​

What to Look for When You Buy a Pool Table

Purchasing a pool table provides numerous benefits beyond entertainment. At Imperial, we offer a pool table size and style for every home, whether you are looking at our 8-foot pool tables to serve as a statement piece or exploring our 7-foot billiard tables to entertain friends and family. Here are some of the top benefits of purchasing a pool table.

1. Connect With Others
Everyone loves to spend time with friends and family, and finding new ways to connect with the ones you love is fun and rewarding. A pool table is a great way to start conversations and instantly entertain guests. Everyone can enjoy a game of pool regardless of their skill level, making it an enjoyable game for children and adults.

2. Elevate Your Property

At Imperial, our pool tables are available in various styles and colors to elevate any space. Whether you are looking for a sleek design, something more traditional, an indoor pool table or an outdoor table, our pool tables can add flair and character to any room. We make our tables with high-quality materials that will last and remain beautiful for years to come. 

3. Perform Numerous Functions

Your pool table is an excellent option for more than just games. Our selection at Imperial includes dining pool tables to transform dinner with your family. Place the cover on top and enjoy a relaxing meal with friends and family. 

4. Boost Confidence

Having a pool table in the comfort of your own home gives you the chance to play whenever you'd like, making you a more confident player against your friends or in tournaments. This advancement in playing ability combined with the health benefits of improving your concentration and balance can boost your self-confidence.

5. Add Fun for the Whole Family

Playing pool is a perfect game for the entire family. Playing eight ball with your children gives you a low-stress opportunity to talk about patience, responsibility and the importance of winning and losing.

What to Look for When You Buy a Pool Table

When you purchase a pool table, you are investing in more than a beautiful piece of high-quality furniture — you are also investing in a wealth of entertainment! Top-of-the-line pool tables offer hours of fun with family and friends, making them a perfect addition to any home. 

Those wondering where to buy a pool table should look no further than Imperial. At Imperial, we can help you find the best pool table to fit your style and gaming needs. Shop Imperial's pool tables online to browse our 7-foot pool tables, or explore our 8-foot billiard tables today.

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