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Billiard Balls

Whether you've just started learning pool or have been playing for years, you know how important it is to choose the right billiard cue to improve your game. At Imperial, we carry some of the best pool cues in numerous finishes, formats and weights to help improve your game while showcasing your personality. Find an Imperial dealer near you today to find your perfect cue.

Imperial Pool Balls

Imperial billiard balls are an economical billiard set option. If you are a beginner or have children who would like to learn how to play pool, these high-quality polyester pool balls are a great option. Each ball in our billiard ball sets will create an accurate roll and feature bright, vibrant colors and numbers for improved gameplay.

Some additional benefits of purchasing Imperial 2-inch billiard balls include:

Premium Materials

Each imperial pool ball contains high-quality polyester for durability that withstands many plays. Imperial pool balls can also resist high impact, making them ideal for players of all abilities.


Smooth Roll

All Imperial pool balls undergo a careful design and manufacturing process to improve gameplay. The manufacturer will test each ball before packing to ensure they roll smoothly over the table during play.


Easy Maintenance

While these balls are durable, you can perform simple maintenance to keep them looking new. Wipe your billiard balls clean after each use with a soft and dry cloth.

Use Indoors and Outdoors

If you have a pool table outside, you need a pool ball set that can hold out against the elements. Imperial billiard balls allow you to easily switch between inside and outside play without grabbing a new set.

Quality Gameplay

Imperial pool balls feature a consistent density and elasticity to improve gameplay. You can play as many games of pool as you'd like without damaging the table's cloth.

Whether you are looking for new or replacement pool balls, Imperial has what you need. Shop Imperial Pool Balls to purchase some of the best pool balls today.

Purchasing Imperial Replacement Pool Balls and Sets
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