Two-Piece Pool Cues

Two-piece pool cues contain a joint in the middle of the cue for easy dismantle and transportation. Since a two-piece billiard stick combines two small, straight pieces of wood or fiberglass, they are durable and reduce the risk of warping and other changes.

Whether you are a long-time player or looking to upgrade your cue before you begin competing, Imperial offers a wide variety of two-piece billiard cues to fit your needs.

Benefits of Using a Two-Piece Billiard Cue

The main advantage of a two-piece cue is that players can transport their sticks more easily. Since players can break their 42-, 48- and 52-inch pool cues down into smaller sections, they can store their playing equipment in cases as they travel to competitions or pool halls for games. 

Players also have greater flexibility when it comes to replacing their billiard sticks. If the shaft begins to warp or other damage occurs in the shaft or butt end, a player can switch out these individual pieces instead of buying a completely new cue.

4 Care Tips for Your Two-Piece Pool Stick

While Imperial pool cues are long-lasting, providing some additional care will keep yours looking its best for years to come. Some tips to keep your two-piece billiard cue looking its best include:

1. Proper Storage

When you are not using your two-piece billiard stick, always break it down and store it in a case. Using a case will protect your cue from dents and scratches while taking pressure off it to prevent warping. Avoid placing your cue in extreme heat or cold to avoid distortion or contracting. 

2. Chalking Your Cue

Properly chalking your two-piece pool stick adds friction to prevent it from slipping off the ball prematurely. To chalk your cue, make sure the surface of your chalk is flat and brush it onto the cue lightly until you've covered the entire surface. After chalking your cue, tap the pool stick to minimize the amount of chalk dust that will transfer to the table and pool balls.

3. Shaping

Shaping your cue's tip will improve its performance by giving your chalk something to hold onto, creating greater friction between the cue tip and the ball. After purchasing a new pool cue, you will have to scuff and shape your tip before playing. A good rule of thumb is to aim for a radius similar to that of a dime or nickel.

4. Cleaning

Over time chalk, dirt and sweat may build up on your billiard cue's shaft. Using a cue cleaner or burnisher will remove grime to create a nice luster without damaging the cue's finish. Cleaning your pool cue shaft with a microfiber cloth between uses is also a great way to keep it clean. 

Find an Imperial Dealer Near You

Using the right pool cue can make a huge difference. At Imperial, we offer a wide variety of sizes, such as our 42-, 48- and 52-inch two-piece pool sticks, to meet your budget and playing preferences. Find an Imperial dealer near you to upgrade your pool cue today.

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