Cue Cases

When it comes to pool, your cue is an essential asset. Protecting it ensures your playing equipment provides optimal performance for years to come. 

At Imperial, we offer various hard and soft pool cue cases to fit and protect sticks in several shapes and sizes. Whether you've been traveling without a pool case or would like to upgrade your current one, our cue stick cases will protect your gear and make it easier to transport.

Why Do You Need a Case?

If you travel with your cues on a somewhat regular basis, billiard cue cases ensure they remain unharmed during the journey. Some additional benefits of a pool cue case include:

  • Fall protection: Wooden cues are at a higher risk of damage if dropped or hit against another object such as a door frame. Keeping your pool cue in a protective container helps you avoid dents and scratches.
  • Waterproof: Cases keep your cues dry and away from moisture to prevent warping. Using a case is especially handy if you live in or are traveling to a rainy or humid area.
  • Additional storage: Many cases at Imperial have extra pockets for storing your gear. This additional storage means you can keep your cues and any other equipment in one safe and secure location.
  • Easy transportation: Carry your cues and have an extra hand, thanks to the handle and shoulder strap on many of our billiard cue cases. Using a pool carrying case allows you to get your cues and additional gear to the pool hall more easily. 

Different Types of Cue Stick Cases

At Imperial, we offer two types of billiard cue cases to help players protect their sticks:

Soft Case

Many soft cases use nylon, vinyl or leather to protect your cues against moisture and feature an additional zippered compartment for holding gear. If you like to open the case and see your cues before choosing one, you may prefer a soft case. 

Hard Case

Hard cases are usually made of leather with a sturdy finish that prevents sticks from bending and protects against warping, scratches and moisture. You may prefer to use a hard case if you travel often to provide an additional layer of security for your cues.

How Many Cues Will My Case Hold?

As you browse our selection of cases, you may see labels such as a 2x2 soft cue case or a 1x2 cue case. These numbers show how many butts and shafts a case will hold, with the number of butts being the first number and the number of shafts being the second number. For example, a 1x2 pool cue case can hold one butt and two shafts, while a 2X2 pool cue case can hold two buts and two shafts.

Many players prefer to use a 2X2 pool stick case, which gives them the ability to carry a spare stick or a breaking cue and their shooting cue.

Shop Cue Cases at Imperial Today

Protect your pool cues the right way with a cue case from Imperial. Whether you are traveling with one cue or many, our cases will provide a high level of protection while allowing for easy transportation. Find an Imperial dealer near you to purchase a billiard cue case today.

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