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9 Game Room Ideas for Creating the Ultimate Game Room in Your Home

Are you looking to create the ultimate game room?

A game room is a great addition to any home. It is the perfect place to make memories with your family or escape them! They provide a space to get away from the world and focus on your enjoyment. But if you've never had a games room before, it can be tough to know how to make a game room shine.

We are here to help. Read on for tips and game room decorating ideas to build the best entertaining space in your home.

1. Decide What Types of Games You Want in Your Home Game Room

Your first step should be deciding what games you want to have in your gaming room. If you want a few different gaming options, consider combination pieces. A common trend, for example, is pieces that combine a pool table with table tennis.

Another common option is a foosball table. And if you're a gambling fan, why not consider a professional card table for your poker nights? Or why not bring your bar favorites home with you with games like a dartboard?

When floor space is an issue, or you want to add a few extras into your larger games room, small-scale games are a great option. Consider modern video gaming setups if you're looking for something more modern. This idea might pair well with a home cinema too.

And for all those old-school fans out there, classic arcade cabinets and pinball machines are easy to get hold of nowadays too. You'll be sure to find game room ideas that'll meet your needs and budget, so the scale of your games room is up to you.

2. Use Your Available Space Wisely

Look at your floor plan and first decide how you will use your space before buying anything. You won't likely get everything from your wishlist, so decide what can make it and where it's going.

Using tape to measure where you want to place your items is a good idea. The average game table will be between 3-5 feet long. So, check with the manufacturer for exact measurements first.

Then make sure there is enough room for people to stand and move around them to play comfortably. You don't want to overwhelm a small space and discover that you can't even play the games.

3. Consider Combining Your Games Room with Other Areas

Whether space is at a premium or you're looking to create something spectacular, the versatility of a games room is surprising. For example, it doesn't have to be an actual room.

If you've space off to the side of your living room, why not add something like an arcade cabinet area? Or add a foosball table as a feature point and a gaming option.

This is a great game room idea for homes with small spaces. Having a multifunctioning room can help you save space. And you don't have to compromise on your games room.

Another space-saving idea might be to add a dartboard or a mini putting mat to your study or den. You could add a pool table to your home bar area or convert your loft into a games room.

4. Pick Your Theme Or Show Your Team Support When Decorating Your Game Room

It's a good time when planning your room to decide on your game room decor, too, at this point. Why not create a decorating plan?

What colors and moods do you want to create? Are you going to decorate in your team's colors? You want to plan these things before you start bringing in the game items.

Some people prefer to keep their game rooms minimalistic. They'll keep the game tables as the focus and decorate the room with little else. It makes them seem like an art installation or features in their very own right.

But some people prefer to go with a whole-themed design for their game rooms. Some even have a favorite sports team-themed games room. A good tip if you're struggling is to think about the types of games you've chosen and create a theme plan based on them.

You could go all-in with an arcade theme if you're interested in pinball machines and arcade games. Think retro posters of classic games and neon lights. Or if you've chosen snooker or pool tables, you might want to for a classic billiards room theme. Thick wood paneling and rich, elegant colors and fixtures.

What's most important is this is your gaming room. Consider these game room decorating ideas, but for the best, unique results, it should reflect your tastes and interests.

5. Organize Your Game Room

When it comes to organization, you should plan your room around the largest one or two games. These will serve as your focal point and will need the most room.

For a pool table, for example, consider placing it in the center of the room to draw the eye. Consider a piece of wall art to set the scene on the largest wall behind it, with a light fitting above the table. Have a few chairs or a seating area off to the side where players can wait for their turn.

Everything else should be set up going out and away from this largest gaming set. Some other examples of a focal point are a four-screen video gaming desk set up or a set of arcade games along the wall. It's important you pick your center point and let that guide the rest of your layout.

6. Pick Your Seating

If you, your partner, or your kids like to play video games on the big screen, why not add a few gaming chairs to enhance the experience? These gaming chairs connect with the TV to enhance everything from sound direction to even feeling combat movement. It can take the gaming room to the next level.

Consider items like stools, ottomans, beanbags, or floor cushions for general seating options. These provide comfort for guests and are easy to move to where the action is. The group can easily move around the area and won't have the faff of folding a chair down every time.

7. Soundproofing and Insulation

Soundproofing and insulation are important, especially for game rooms in the basement. You want the right insulation if you're converting a loft, garage space, or basement. You can do this yourself or hire a professional, but without it, your game room will be freezing in the winter.

Consider a window-mounted AC unit if you've got a lot of electronics. This will help negate some of those heat issues and help prevent overheating. And in those summer months, that cooling effect will make it the most popular room in the house!

You want to soundproof, too, to prevent your new room from annoying the rest of your family or neighbors. Proper soundproofing also helps enhance the sound within the room, which is great for video games.

How to Soundproof a Gaming Room

While you can do a basic bit yourself, hiring a contractor will get the best results. If you want to learn how to soundproof a gaming room, add some framing to your ceiling and walls. Then use insulating foam or drywall designed for noise control. Using thick curtains, carpets, and acoustic panels will also help with noise absorption.

8. Lighting

A home game room must toe the line between bright and dark. The whole room must be lit well enough to play in but dark enough to feel cozy.

Every gaming table needs enough task lighting to be played properly and a low level of ambient light in the rest of the room. Spotlighting is a great way to draw attention to a collection, for example, your set of video game consoles or memorabilia. But if you install a projector screen, ensure you can turn off every light, as you will need the room to go pitch black for the best experience.

9. Refreshments

When you are in the middle of a gaming session, the last thing you want to do is leave to get refreshments, so every game room needs snacks and drinks available.

Add a minibar station to your home game room design if you have the space. A fridge, food cabinet, or, if you are converting your whole basement, a bar will mean you can spend all day in your gaming room without being forced to leave. If you are more limited in space, a minifridge installed next to your gaming chair could be just the thing.

Creating the Ultimate Game Room

So there you have it. By following our game room ideas and tips, you can create the ultimate games room for your home.

Whether you want a room for watching sports, playing cards, or video games, a gaming room is a perfect addition. If you want to create your ultimate game room, discover the hundreds of options available online.

At Imperial International, we have over 60 years of experience and supply the best products available for the billiards and home game room industries.


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