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7 Benefits of Having a Family Game Room

Updated: Feb 22

Having a game room in-house is a huge trend right now in home remodeling. As people continue to spend more time at home, many families want to have fun, relaxing spaces in their houses to help them unwind and enjoy some family time. Adding a family game room gives a luxurious upgrade to any home and comes with many different perks for homeowners and families. Let's explore the many family game room benefits. 

Benefits of an At-Home Game Room 

Adding a game room to your home can provide many amazing advantages for the whole family, like these:

1. Provides Quality Family Time

Perhaps the best of the benefits of a game room is the quality time that it can provide for the whole family. Having dedicated space in your home for recreation and entertainment makes it easy to spend time together as a family, bonding over fun, shared experiences. You'll naturally want to spend more time together having fun in your game room. This creates lasting memories for all of you and can strengthen relationships and lines of communication among family members. 

2. Offers Convenience

When you have a dedicated game room in your home, playtime is easily accessible and you can play anytime you want — whether it's a quick, spontaneous game or a regularly scheduled game night. There's no need to leave the house to visit an amusement park or arcade to find the games and entertainment you and your family love. 

You can also have all your board games and gaming accessories stored and organized right at your fingertips in your game room, instead of having to search through a dusty attic or basement space to find the games you want. You can have gaming tables and other furniture set up and ready to go for whenever you want to play. It makes it convenient and easy to enjoy games as a family. That convenience may motivate you to play together more often.

3. Improves Skills

One of the lesser-known benefits of having your own game room is the educational value and skill-building opportunities it provides for your children. Playing games is an essential part of childhood, making learning fun! Whether you're learning about tennis table terms or understanding the rules of shuffleboard, gaming offers a lot of learning opportunities. And when kids play games with their families, they're working on necessary skills like:

  • Concentration

  • Attention span

  • Memory

  • Problem-solving

  • Decision making

  • Strategy

  • Critical thinking

Many games can help with motor skills and hand-eye coordination, helping younger children with physical development. Math skills are also important in a number of games, whether in counting objects or keeping score. Kids will also work on behavioral skills such as following rules, listening, waiting their turn and cooperating with others. Sportsmanship, confidence building and self-esteem also come with playing games regularly as a family. 

4. Allows for Relaxation

With so much work and school time spent at home these days, it can be harder to find a separation between work and play. But when you have a home game room, you are giving your family space to relax and unwind, away from the necessary duties of work and schooling. 

Your game room can be fully dedicated to fun and relaxation, so everyone has a safe space to unwind and reconnect with family. It can be a crucial factor in improving mental and emotional well-being for everyone. And, because you're home, you don't have to deal with getting ready to head out and driving in traffic to get to an arcade. Stay in and stay comfortable with your at-home game space.

5. Increases Entertaining Space

If your family frequently has guests over, your at-home game room will give you added space for entertaining your friends and family. Just imagine the parties and family gatherings you can host and the fun you'll have together! Your house just might become the preferred hangout spot for holidays and parties. 

6. Saves Money

While setting up your home game room might come with some initial upfront costs, it can actually save you some money in the long run. If your family is the type who goes out often to find a pool table or arcade games to play, you may be spending hundreds every week on entertainment. Having some of your favorite games at home means you don't have to spend money on gas to go out, fees for gameplay and food and drink while you're out. You can reduce the frequency of your outings and have just as much fun, right at home. 

7. Increases Home Value

Having a home game room saves you money week-to-week, and it can also increase your home value. If you're thinking of selling anytime in the near future, this can be a huge perk. 

When you move, of course, you can take any of your games and equipment with you. But just having the finished, dedicated space for entertainment can be a big benefit to prospective buyers. Additionally, any improvements to the space such as built-in cabinets, entertainment systems, home bars and more can increase the total value of your home and give you a return on your initial investment. 

How to Create a Game Room in Your Home

If you're thinking of adding a game room to your home, the options are truly endless for how to do it. You can certainly add on to your home, but you don't have to. If you have some unused space, such as an extra family room or bedroom, you can easily transform it into your new game room. Consider finishing a basement, attic or garage space to add to the livable space in your home, as well. 

No matter what room you choose, you can personalize your game room to your family's style. Consider ideas like these:

  • Add fun games: Choose gaming tables and pieces that play into your favorite games — pool tables, foosball, Skee-Ball, air hockey, shuffleboard and other fun games are all options to add to your space.

  • Add more entertainment and organization: Add in an entertainment center for music, movies and video games. Consider built-in cabinets to organize board games and other supplies. 

  • Choose unique decor: Go bold with decor, choosing artwork and decorative elements based on your favorite sports teams or video games. With a game room, you can have more fun with decorative touches that you might not put in other living spaces throughout your house.

  • Make it comfortable: Comfy furniture and a home bar can round out the room to create a cozy, welcoming space your family will want to spend time in. 

Choose Game Room Furniture From Imperial 

Having a game room in-home is one of the ultimate luxuries for any family, and game room furniture from Imperial can make your dreams come true. For four generations, Imperial has been a family-owned business and an industry leader for game room furniture. From professional pool tables to home arcade games and everything in between, we can help you outfit your game room with everything your family needs for fun. 

If you're ready to make over your game room space, shop our game room furniture today.

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