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Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Game Room Gift Ideas

With the arrival of the holiday season, Imperial has created another guide highlighting 12 gift ideas for friends and family. Imperial has decades of experience serving the billiard industry and inspiring game rooms nationwide. Check out our Gift Guide for the perfect gift for friends and family.

1. Resolute Pool Table

The Resolute pool table series is unlike any other Imperial table offering. It is made of solid Aspen wood and boasts two sizes, three finish options, and three leg styles for 18 table combinations. This versatility lends itself to an abundance of design styles and preferences so that it can blend in with virtually any living space.

2. The Esterno Outdoor Pool Table

The Esterno outdoor pool table is more than a pool table. It is three tables in one: A 7-foot pool table, a tennis table, and a dining table. Made for the outdoors, this table is high quality, durable and weatherproof. Its versatility makes it perfect for family gatherings and home entertainment. The clean, modern design also matches any decor or setting.

3. Imperial Traditional Series Pool Cue

A classic-looking cue with high-end features. This cue is made of solid Maple with a 4-point Maple inlay and an accent veneer. It also features a 7-layer premium leather tip and a speckled Irish Linen wrap for a solid grip. The quality construction makes for a perfect, level stroke every time.

4. Imperial Streamline Billiard Ball Set

Creating a trick shot or drill video, or reel? The Imperial Pinnacle Ball Set is optimized for video streaming. The set contains regulation size 2 1/4" diameter 6oz balls with high-definition color and white on black inlaid ball numbering. They are made of cast resin to exacting specifications.

5. Imperial Spectator Chair

The Imperial Premium Spectator Chair is a must-have addition to any room with a pool table. This chair is made of solid wood, which features a beautiful smooth finish that enhances the natural wood grains and protects against scratching and marring. The chair can be paired with any Imperial pool table with various finish options to complete your game room.

6. Chevron Series Pool Cues

Bright metallic colors contrast with solid matte on this modern two-piece cue. The colors paired with the gradient chevron pattern can only be described as bold, fun, and fresh. Whether you are at the pool hall or at home, you will be playing in style.

7. Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Foosball Table

The Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Foosball Table allows you to take your foosball game outdoors. Constructed with unique components and materials, this outdoor foosball table can withstand most weather conditions. Play foosball anywhere, camping, on the patio, or by the pool. This is the table of choice on Disney Cruise lines.

8. Cuetec’s AVID Opt-X Series

Cuetec’s AVID Opt-X series cues feature original intricate designs that create the optical illusion of depth; each AVID Opt-X cue is crafted with A-grade kiln-dried, vacuum-sealed hard maple and arrives equipped with the player’s choice of either the AVID 11.75mm or 12.75mm glass bonded maple low-deflection shafts. The Opt-X series high-performance features don’t end there; every Opt-X cue includes a moisture-shedding Leather-Tec wrap, Cuetec’s Acueweight adjustment, and balance system, and a DUO-ready extension bumper. 

9. Cuetec Cynergy Truewood Series

The Cuetec evolution continues with the next generation of Cynergy Truewood Series Cues. Featuring an all-new construction utilizing Cuetec’s Clear-Tec epoxy resin finish for increased stiffness and reduced vibration, every Truewood series cue is enveloped in exotic veneers surrounding a kiln-dried Canadian Maple core.

10. Rasson Method Rack

The Rasson Method Rack is built with the same innovative technologies and materials as Rasson tables. It features industrial aluminum alloy sidewalls for consistent lifetime straightness, low friction inner release tracks to keep balls settled during removal, and Adamath outer walls for a beautiful finish.

11. Home Arcade Premium Skee-Ball

Designed for the arcade enthusiast, game fanatic, and kid in all of us, this Premium Skee-Ball ally brings the authentic arcade features you know and love right to your home. It's beautifully handcrafted in the heart of the Midwest by Bay Tek, where quality, fine details, and authenticity combine to create a masterpiece you'll be proud to show off.

12. Jensen Air Hockey Table with Scoreboard

The futuristic design of the Jensen Air Hockey Table will make a sensational silver-toned statement with its Edgewater finish and hi-tech design. The powerful single fan delivers superior smoothness to your game, while the unique overhead arch provides a professional two-player electronic scoring system.

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sherwin acruz
sherwin acruz
03 de jul.

This is a great resource for anyone looking for gift ideas for a game room enthusiast! It covers a wide range of products, from pool tables and air hockey tables to foosball tables and game room furniture.

Learn more about billiards here.

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