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Smart Companies Have Employee Game Rooms

We're all children inside. We get so caught up in paperwork, bills, and raising kids of our own; we tend to forget what it feels like to loosen up a bit. And intelligent companies realize this. They know sitting at a desk all day can have you itching away at something, trying to find some stimulation, only for you to go home and dread the following day. But if you were to come to a place where you can escape the computer screen to play a game of ping pong with your friends, is much more enjoyable.

You can then focus on things that have nothing to do with work while knocking goals on the left and right foosball table. You feel good from beating on Donny over there at the end of your break, and you decide to work a little harder. Maybe even bang out a bit extra for the sake of the evening. You were intended to be active. It is how you got to this point. This is why engaging at work, even for a short period, is profitable. It can be the difference between a competent work crew and a bunch of unhappy sacks. But not every activity you put into the game room will draw in a crowd. There are a few specific games people love to play.

4 Games Each Workplace Should Have

Arcade Games

Have you ever played the old Pac-Man? I mean, the really old Pac-Man, the one from the 80s? Or space Invaders? They are simply classics. And everyone played those games growing up. They were the spark of video game culture. We all love a little nostalgia, and going to work to play a game that probably kept us from going to sleep when we were kids is more than just worth it. I wonder how many gamers you can get up from their desk when they see Frogger or Pong being played in the break room.


Foosball is a game that involves a little more activity than arcade games. It's played out like soccer, and learning to play doesn't take much. It's one of those games that everyone can play if they are willing to try. Foosball is a game that connects players while helping them focus as well. Some players may even become really competitive on the foosball table very quickly. A few goals can happen fast, encouraging a little fire under the losing players behind.


Ahh...Pool or formally known as billiards. Another game everyone enjoys playing. This one is relatively harder than the ones before. Since you can tell which players have played before rather quickly, billiard games can be pretty fun—bouncing shots off the wall and hitting the cue ball at a certain angle for the perfect spin—behind-the-back shots.

There are many ways to play billiards, but not many great players. However, everyone loves a billiards game. With 16 balls, possible teams of two, and an average 15-minute game cycle, many people get a chance to play. Getting good may take some time, but it is a pleasant feeling when you finally find your groove.

Ping Pong

Pinging the pong is an all-time game room favorite. The one on this list can separate itself from the rest based on gameplay alone. Two teams of 2, four paddles, one ball, and the alternating teammate rule only invite an excellent time. Skilled players can put on a show of lightning-fast returns, while everyone else can enjoy the simple back and forth. It's a game everyone can enjoy, even those sitting on the sideline. Learning the basics of ping-pong doesn't take much, so it's a great addition to the workspace game room.

The Benefit of a Game Room at Work

Less Frustration

When you're frustrated, you tend to get off track. But being able to slap out a ping pong ball or bounce the eight in the hole you called can clear the mind and help you transfer your energy elsewhere.

Reduced Stress

Playing games has been proven to create a sense of relief and reduce stress. They raise serotonin and dopamine levels while helping you take your mind off the day's challenging tasks.

Improved Social Skills

Workplaces are full of people who need to talk to each other. Having stronger relationships with coworkers and learning the social cues of the environment can increase happiness in the long term.

Fewer Absences

You are less likely to call off if you enjoy work. Also, being active during an eight-hour shift can keep the immune system running to reduce the chance of getting sick.

Productivity and Creativity

Being active is food for thought. When playing any game physically, you are using your mind and body, falling into a flow state and clearing your mind. When you return to the computer screen, your thoughts will become more concise and creative.

Employees deserve to play games and interact with each other when they aren't working. It can change the whole work dynamic and improve productivity within the workspace. Innovative companies are aware of this and use it to their advantage.

When there is more time to be loose in the work environment, there is more opportunity to be productive.

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