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Can You Keep a Pool Table Outside?

Updated: Feb 26

You can enjoy pool anytime with any number of friends or family. The game brings people together and provides endless entertainment. Pool tables can be kept outside or inside, but you can't convert an indoor pool table to an outdoor one. To enjoy a pool table outside, you can buy an outdoor one. 

Backyard pool tables are an excellent way to enjoy the weather at outdoor parties. This guide will explain why you can't use an indoor pool table outside, the differences between indoor and outdoor pool tables, the benefits of an outdoor pool table and how to safely store a pool table outside.

Why You Can't Use an Indoor Pool Table Outside

Indoor pool tables have different materials than outdoor ones. Materials like felt, wood and rubber on indoor tables can't withstand the weather and its elements, causing them to age faster. 

Extreme temperatures and fluctuations can cause the bumpers to become brittle as the rubber expands and contracts. High humidity can cause the wood to swell, split and warp. The felt will absorb the moisture from the air, increasing its resistance and wearing it down quickly so the balls won't roll as smoothly or quickly as they used to. 

Can You Waterproof a Pool Table?

You can't waterproof a pool table that's meant to be inside. While you can seal and reseal wood to protect it from moisture, you can't do the same with felt. This surfacing material is absorbent, and adding any kind of sealer to it could impact the leveling and gameplay.

Overall, trying to put an indoor pool table outside impacts its life span and playability. Even if you try to put the table under a covered area like a porch or patio, it'll still be exposed to humidity, changing temperatures and likely some sun. But there's still a way to play pool outside.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Pool Tables

Manufacturers design outdoor pool tables so you can keep them outside all year.

Some of the key differences between indoor and outdoor pool tables are:

  • The playing surface: Indoor pool table surfaces are felt and slate, which can't handle the outdoors. Outdoor pool tables use a type of waterproof material made for the outdoors.

  • The frame: Outdoor pool tables have frames made of durable materials like steel or aluminum. The frames of indoor pool tables are wooden and susceptible to water and moisture damage.

Benefits of an Outdoor Pool Table

A pool table is great inside or outside, but there are many benefits to having an outdoor pool table, like:

  • Extra space: An indoor pool table takes up space in whatever room you place it in. When you opt for an outdoor pool table, you keep inside rooms available.

  • Extra amenities: Maybe your backyard features a swimming pool and other outdoor games already. Or maybe an outdoor pool table will be your first amenity. Either way, the addition will make your outdoor areas even more fun. Throw large outdoor parties and give your guests plenty of options to enjoy, including billiards. 

  • Added flexibility: Your outdoor space may offer more room than spaces inside could. That means you can play with more friends or have spectators gather around the table to watch the game go down.

  • Increased natural light: When playing indoors, lighting may be limited, and sometimes there isn't enough natural and artificial light to see what you're doing. You can take advantage of natural light when you have an outdoor table.

  • Exciting setting: An outdoor pool table will make your backyard or patio more appealing and set the mood for a game. Playing outdoors can boost happiness and energy and make the game even more enjoyable. Being away from technological distractions helps you connect with yourself and others for a more meaningful match.

  • Improved relationships: Playing pool is a great way to bond and connect with family and friends. You can play a game of pool with a large group of people outside, so it's excellent for reunions, parties, or family get-togethers. Or, you can have one group enjoying pool while others are grilling or playing other games nearby outside, still within chatting distance. 

  • Versatility: Some outdoor pool tables can convert into a dining table with a top. Converting your pool table gives it more uses and allows you to enjoy an outdoor meal with your family and friends without purchasing an outdoor dining table. That versatility also saves you space — you won't have to choose between a pool table or a dining table on your patio.

How to Safely Store a Pool Table Outside

Outdoor pool tables are made to be outside and withstand the elements out there, from rain to cold and snow. While that'll add peace of mind, taking care of your billiards table is still helpful. 

Safely storing your table outside will help keep it in good condition for many years. One way to safely store your pool table is by using a pool table cover. This cover will prevent dirt, moisture, leaves, and other outdoor elements from getting on your pool table. You can then easily remove the cover when it's time to play instead of spending time wiping down the table's playing surface.

You also need to find the right spot for your pool table. A covered area can limit its exposure to the elements, prolonging its life and making maintenance even easier. 

Check out Imperial's Outdoor Pool Tables

Our family-owned business was founded in 1955, and since that time, we have become one of the largest billiard and game room distributors in the United States.

We sell a wide variety of pool tables, including indoor and outdoor ones. 

If you are looking for an outdoor pool table, look no further. We offer 7- and 8-foot pool tables that feature the best quality materials:

  • Rust-resistant aluminum legs and frames mean tables withstand weather conditions without succumbing to other damage.

  • Pearl board protects our pool table beds from damage and warping.

  • Lightweight materials mean your pool table is easy to move around outside.

  • Natural rubber bumpers, like K55 or K66 options, can hold up to the elements.

All aspects of our outdoor pool tables are water resistant, particularly the playing surface. Since it's water resistant, you can leave your table out in wind, snow, and rain without any issues. Want even more outdoor fun? We offer other quality outdoor game tables.

Check out our variety of outdoor and indoor pool tables today online today.

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