What to look for when Caring for a Pool Table: An Imperial Guide to Pool Table Care

No matter the make, style, or price point of your billiard table, a pool table is an investment that requires routine care in order to keep it playing sharp and in the best possible condition. We recommend following these basic pool table care guidelines, whether you are a new owner or are looking for tips on caring for a pool table that you already own.

Billiard cloth maintenance

Keep your table covered. This minimizes the accumulation of dust and protects your cloth from debris, sunlight, moisture and other things that could damage the cloth while the table is not in use.

Brush your cloth often, especially in the first few months after purchase. We recommend brushing the cloth at least once a week, as well as before and after play. If your table is left uncovered, more frequent brushing is recommended. Never use a vacuum on cloth.

Avoid extreme temperatures in the room where your pool table is kept. Extreme high or low temperatures can cause wrinkling on your billiard cloth.

Keep food and drinks away from the table to avoid drops and spills on the cloth.

Cleaning Pool Tables

Cleaning Wood Tables

Wipe surfaces with a dry cloth. This is the best method for keeping your wood table clear of dust without using cleaning agents that could be harmful to your table’s finish. Never use glass or ammonia cleaners on wood.

Use high-grade furniture wax to clean rails. This will keep your table looking sleek and new through use.

Use high-grade wood polish on scratches. Should your table get damaged, high-quality wood polish can help fade visible surface scratches.

Cleaning Synthetic Tables

Wipe with a damp cloth and a small amount of mild cleaner. For tables made of materials like vinyl, it is fine to use water and mild cleaners for basic cleaning.

Wooden pool table maintenance
Cleaning synthetic pool tables

Caring for Cabinetry and Pockets

Maintenance for pockets of your pool table

Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity. As with cloth, your table cabinetry could be affected by extreme high or low temperatures, as well as extreme high or low levels of humidity in the room where your table is kept. We recommend using a dehumidifier in rooms where humidity levels can fluctuate beyond normal.

Keep your table out of direct sunlight, as intense sunlight can harm your table’s finish. As with billiard cloth, a table cover is recommended to help protect against damage caused by sunlight.

Do not sit, stand or lean on your pool table. This could cause harm to the table’s structural balance as well as warp or damage the playing surface. Wipe your table’s pockets with a dry cloth to keep clean off dust and debris.

Store billiard balls outside of external pockets. If your table has external pockets, we suggest removing the balls and storing elsewhere, such as a wall rack, when the table is not in use. If you choose to store your billiard balls in the table’s pockets, evenly distribute the balls between pockets to reduce wear.