Imperial Pool Tables

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  1. NEW
    The Axial 8ft; Whiskey

    SKU# IMP__0029-630

    MSRP: $3,799.00
  2. NEW
    The Oslo 8ft; Whiskey

    SKU# IMP__0029-29202748

    MSRP: $6,159.00
  3. NEW
    The Oslo 7ft; Whiskey

    SKU# IMP__0029-29202747

    MSRP: $5,939.00
  4. NEW
    Esterno Outdoor Pool Table

    SKU# IMP__0029-731

    MSRP: $5,499.00
  5. NEW
    The Brookline 8ft; Black

    SKU# IMP__0029-843

    MSRP: $4,199.00
  6. NEW
    The Brookline 7ft; Black

    SKU# IMP__0029-842

    MSRP: $3,999.00
  7. NEW
    The Brookline 7ft; Kona

    SKU# IMP__0029-841

    MSRP: $4,199.00
  8. NEW
    The Brookline 8ft; Kona

    SKU# IMP__0029-840

    MSRP: $4,299.00
  9. NEW
    The Resolute 8ft, Kona with Rams Horn Legs

    SKU# IMP__0029-29202678

    MSRP: $3,849.00
  10. The Resolute 7ft, Kona with Rams Horn Legs

    SKU# IMP__0029-29202677

    MSRP: $3,629.00
  11. The Penelope II 8ft, Whiskey

    SKU# IMP__0029-2920798

    MSRP: $4,199.00
  12. The Ramsey 8ft, Whiskey

    SKU# IMP__0029-291518

    MSRP: $3,499.00
  13. The Penelope II 7ft, Whiskey

    SKU# IMP__0029-2920797

    MSRP: $3,899.00
  14. The Laredo 8ft; Kona

    SKU# IMP__0029-29202708

    MSRP: $3,999.00
  15. NEW
    The Scottsdale 8ft; Whiskey

    SKU# IMP__0029-29202188

    MSRP: $3,899.00
  16. The Reno 8ft; Silver Mist

    SKU# IMP__0029-2920286

    MSRP: $4,299.00
  17. The Reno 7ft; Silver Mist

    SKU# IMP__0029-2920285

    MSRP: $4,149.00
  18. The Reno 7ft., Weathered Dark Chestnut

    SKU# IMP__0029-2920277

    MSRP: $4,299.00
  19. The Reno 8ft, Weathered Dark Chestnut

    SKU# IMP__0029-2920278

    MSRP: $4,399.00
  20. The Spectrum 8ft.

    SKU# IMP__0029-880K

    MSRP: $3,399.00
  21. The Eliminator 8ft; Black

    SKU# IMP__*29-852K

    MSRP: $2,299.00
  22. The Eliminator 7-FT.

    SKU# IMP__*29-752K

    MSRP: $1,699.00
  23. The Shadow 7ft; Black

    SKU# IMP__0029-29507

    MSRP: $2,149.00
  24. The Shadow 8ft; Black

    SKU# IMP__0029-8251CR

    MSRP: $2,199.00
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46 Items

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