Professional Pool Tables

Professional Pool Tables

Rasson is the leading manufacturer of billiard slate and billiard tables worldwide. At the forefront of every Rasson table is innovation. Using an intimate process that has been perfected over Rasson’s many years leading the industry, every table is built with expert craftsmanship and the highest quality materials available. Each commercial table is equipped with a Rasson designed and patented leveling systems which allows for simple leveling, fast assembly, and optimal performance.

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  1. NEW
    Rasson 9ft OX; White

    SKU# IMP__0029-982

    MSRP: $7,799.00
  2. NEW
    Rasson 9ft Victory II Plus; White

    SKU# IMP__0029-952

    MSRP: $8,999.00
  3. NEW
    Rasson 8ft OX; White

    SKU# IMP__0029-882

    MSRP: $7,599.00
  4. NEW
    Rasson 7ft Challenger Plus

    SKU# IMP__0029-869

    MSRP: $6,599.00
  5. NEW
    Rasson 8ft Victory II Plus; White

    SKU# IMP__0029-854

    MSRP: $8,799.00
  6. NEW
    Rasson 7ft OX; White

    SKU# IMP__0029-782

    MSRP: $7,399.00
  7. NEW
    Rasson 7ft Victory II Plus; White

    SKU# IMP__0029-771

    MSRP: $8,599.00
  8. Rasson 7ft OX

    SKU# IMP__0029-781

    MSRP: $7,299.00
  9. Rasson 8ft OX

    SKU# IMP__0029-881

    MSRP: $7,499.00
  10. Rasson 9ft OX

    SKU# IMP__0029-981

    MSRP: $7,399.00
  11. Rasson 8ft Challenger Plus

    SKU# IMP__0029-871

    MSRP: $6,199.00
  12. Rasson 9ft Challenger Plus

    SKU# IMP__0029-970

    MSRP: $6,499.00
  13. Rasson 7ft Victory II Plus

    SKU# IMP__0029-770

    MSRP: $8,499.00
  14. Rasson 8ft Victory II Plus

    SKU# IMP__0029-851

    MSRP: $8,599.00
  15. Rasson 9ft Victory II Plus

    SKU# IMP__0029-950

    MSRP: $8,899.00
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18 Items

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