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4 Main Benefits of Billiards

Updated: Feb 26

Billiards is fun for the entire family, but it has health benefits as well, both physical and mental!

Here we’ll explore four overarching benefits that’ll make you get to the pool hall or install a new table in your game room.

Fitness Bene­fits

Flexibility, Calories, Toning

Playing pool involves various poses that require you to bend, stretch, and lean. This increases flexibility and tones muscles in several body areas when played consistently, such as arms, shoulders, hips, and even legs with a few one-leg reach. Let’s not forget those calories that burn from walking around the table. You can find yourself walking between a quarter of a mile to almost half!

Neurological Bene­fits

Critical Thinking, Cognition, Accuracy

Your kids might ask you to play, believing it’s just for fun, but their brains are doing a lot of work. Billiards trains critical thinking and improves cognitive skills. Focus and hand-eye coordination are vital aspects of a player’s strategy. Picking and comparing pockets and routes for your ball and predicting your opponent’s next move all involve calculating force, speed, and impact. Your brain is present and focused.

Behavioral Bene­fits

Self-control, Patience

During a game of pool, it’s uncommon to find someone becoming outraged. People tend to embrace a sense of levelheadedness and calm when strategizing, comparable to a chess match. Similarly, they are constantly waiting patiently for their opponent to make their next move, practicing self-control and patience.

Social Bene­fits

Sociability, Family Bonding, Ageless

Usually, people are around the pool table to have fun. They’re ready to laugh, give advice, and tease. These social interactions build bonds between friends or strangers. There’s no age limit to who can hold the stick and, with family, that’s the best part. It provides the youngsters enjoyable off-screen time and social relief for the adults.

For more information about Billiards, check out our Pool Table Buying Guide

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