Pool Table Covers

Looking for one of the best ways to protect your at-home game room pool table investment? Choose a high-quality fitted pool table cover and use it regularly. 

At Imperial, we offer a variety of pool table covers that can be shipped directly to your home for immediate use.

Imperial's Fast Guide to Choosing Pool Table Covers

When it comes to picking a pool table cover, you'll want to keep several considerations in mind.

Pool Table Cover Material

You'll notice that the pool table covers we sell come in vinyl or Naugahyde. What's the difference between these two materials? As it turns out, both have vinyl elements. However, a vinyl pool table cover offers a shinier appearance. A Naugahyde pool table cover has a vinyl coating but has been engineered to mimic the look of leather.

As such, Naugahyde has a higher price since it's more striking and durable than vinyl alone. Our bestselling Naugahyde fitted pool table covers are carefully measured to fit snugly over our most popular pool table styles.

Pool Table Cover Size

You want your pool table cover to be the right size for your table. Our pool table covers come in 7-foot, 8-foot and 9-foot varieties. Each one is constructed to protect both the top of the pool table and the apron. If you've inherited an Imperial pool table and aren't sure which size cover to choose, take a measurement of the longest side of the table.

Pool Table Cover Color

Black or brown? While it might not seem like a big choice, the pool table cover you select can transform the ambiance of your game room. There's no right or wrong decision here. Just allow your personal preference to be your guide.

Pool Table Cover Fit

Pool table covers can be fitted or draped, depending on what you want. For instance, an 8-foot pool table cover made of vinyl will have weighted corners. It's meant to drape elegantly over the top of your pool table. It's not meant to fit tightly, though. If you'd rather have a tighter fit around the apron, choose one of our fitted pool table covers instead. 

How to Use a Pool Table Cover

It's important to use a pool table cover appropriately to get the most value from your investment. In general, follow these tips:

  • Cover your pool table after every use to minimize dust collection.
  • Before covering your pool table, be sure to brush off excess chalk and particles.
  • Clean your pool table cover per its directions.
  • Replace your vinyl and Naugahyde pool table covers when they start to show too much wear and tear.

Buy Pool Table Covers From Imperial

At Imperial, we know that you want your pool table to look great and perform well. That's why we only offer the most trusted pool table covers for purchase. 

For four generations, our family has built a reputation around offering superior pool tables and other home game room equipment and parts. We look forward to helping you design the den, family room or game room of your dreams.

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