Pool Table Brushes

Could the right billard table brush be the secret to protecting your game room investment? Absolutely! That's why Imperial only offers the best pool table brushes. We know that when you have a great billiard brush, you have the ability to keep your pool table looking and performing well season after season.

Buy a pool table brush today from one of our dealers.

What Makes a Bestselling Billiard Table Brush?

If you've never purchased a billiard table brush before, you may be unsure what elements to look for. Learn more about what you should consider below.

Bristle Material

A billiard table brush is meant to pick up dust, dander, lint, chalk and other particles on your felt game room pool table. As such, the bristles need to be gentle enough to avoid damaging the pool table's surface. Yet they need to be tough enough to get the job done, too.

This is where horse hair comes into the picture. Horsehair table brushes are known for being some of the highest quality billiard table brushes around. From the moment you take your horse hair pool table brush out of its packaging, you'll feel how durable and soft the brush is.


You want to be able to get a firm grip on your billiard table brush. Our team prefers a brush that's about 10 1/2 inches long. At that length, you're able to stay in control of your brushing strokes. Plus, the generous size of the brush enables you to quickly brush off your table because it covers a lot of ground at once.


While the color of your billiard table brush doesn't affect its performance, it does affect whether or not it looks cohesive with the overall style of your pool table or game room. 

For example, a silver-toned horsehair pool table brush tends to go well with a room that has silver or gray overtones. A black horse hair pool table brush will blend in nicely with just about any interior design or pool table model.

Tips for Using a Best-of-the-Best Pool Table Brush

When it comes to feeling confident while using your table brush, remember the following hints.

  • Brush off your table after each play: This allows your table to stay clean for longer, which extends the life span of the table surface. It also makes playing smoother.
  • Press only hard enough for the horse hair to make contact with the table surface: There's no need to rub aggressively. Too much friction is bad for your table surface. Firm yet light strokes will allow you to remove debris without harming your table.
  • Upgrade your table brush from time to time: Expect to replace your table brush from time to time. The more frequently you use your billiards table, the more frequently you will need a new brush.

Buy Billiards Table Brushes From Imperial

At Imperial, we're proud to offer trustworthy pool table and game room parts and equipment, including our pool table brushes. Choose the right one for you today and have it shipped to your home.

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