Pool Table Maintenance

After investing in a beautiful new pool table for your home game room, you want to keep your investment performing year after year. Understanding how to maintain your pool table properly makes a huge difference.

To help you learn the best pool maintenance tips, we've listed some of our top hints and tricks below.

Keep Your Pool Table Clean

The cleaner your pool table is, the more likely you'll have fewer repair issues throughout its lifetime.

The top ways to keep your pool table spotless include:

  • Wipe your pool table with a clean cloth after each use. You may also use a pool table brush to pick up lint, dust and other particles from a felt table's surface.
  • Use a trusted furniture wax on your wooden pool table rails occasionally. The wax will keep the wood from being exposed to air and moisture.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean a pool table with a synthetic surface. Some synthetic pool table owners choose to add a bit of mild detergent to pick up smudges. 

Watch for High Humidity

Like all pieces of quality furniture, wooden pool tables are affected by the humidity in the air. You'll want to determine if your game room has an unusually high level of humidity. For instance, it's not uncommon for basement-level game rooms to become humid, especially during rainy seasons.

The workaround for high humidity is having a dehumidifier in your game room. Similarly, avoid allowing your game room's ambient temperature to become too hot or cold. Controlling the indoor climate keeps your table in tiptop condition longer.

Rely on a Dust Cover

One of the easiest pool table care and maintenance secrets is to keep your pool table covered when it's not in use. A vinyl or Naugahyde pool table cover will protect most of the exposed surfaces of your billiards table. 

It can be tempting to keep your pool table uncovered since it's such a beautiful piece of furniture. However, covering it diligently will cut down on dust and dirt collection. 

Use Your Pool Table for Games Only

Your pool table was built for playing a specific type of game. It's not meant for sitting or leaning. Make sure younger players understand that they shouldn't climb on or across the pool table.

Keep Your Billiard Balls Somewhere Other Than Your Table Pockets

Where do you store your billiard balls? If it's in your pool table pockets, you need to find another location. Keeping billiard balls in leather pockets will cause the pockets to stretch and wear out too soon.

Avoid Putting Drinks and Food on the Pool Table

You're having guests over and you want to use your pool table. That's great, but make sure they don't put drinks or plates on the table surface. The last thing you want is for your pool table to be splashed or stained. Only pool table parts and equipment belong on your table.

When you follow some thoughtful maintenance processes, you'll ensure that your billiards table will serve up hours of enjoyment.

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