Billiards Gloves

Of all the pool table accessories you can buy, billiards gloves can be some of the most personalized. But how can you figure out which are the best pool playing gloves for your needs?

Below are some of the top considerations for picking the best billiard glove available.

Tips for Choosing a Pool Glove

What are some of the differentiating factors that come into play when choosing a pool glove?


The fabric used to make your pool glove should be both comfortable and functional. You certainly don't want any friction when you're using your glove. At the same time, you want a nice, snug fit.


Billiard gloves come in a variety of sizes. Usually, you can use your general winter or driving glove size as a guide for picking the right size of pool glove.


Because your glove will cover your bridge hand, you want it to protect as needed. Be sure to look at which parts of your hand a glove covers to ensure that the coverage is suitable for you.

Why Use a Billiard Glove?

Maybe you've never seen someone use a pool glove before. If that's the case, you may wonder why billiards gloves are so popular.

You certainly don't have to use a glove. However, you may want to consider it if you're trying to improve your game. Some of the top players rely upon gloves for several key reasons:

  • Wearing a glove eliminates the possibility of your cue getting stuck against your skin: It can get hot and stressful when you're playing pool. The more you perspire, the harder it is for your cue to slide across your bridge hand. A glove serves as a barrier between you and the cue.
  • Using billiards gloves cuts down on chafing: When you experience regular bouts of “cue drag” across your skin, you open the door for irritation and chafing. Rather than just accept this as a side effect of playing, you can try billiards gloves.
  • Having a pool glove makes you feel like a more sophisticated player: Sometimes, you can use all the psychological edges that you can get! Wearing pool gloves might make you feel like a more confident player. Sliding on a pair of well-fitting gloves can be a mindset boost and help you get into the playing zone.

Taking Care of Your Pool Gloves

After purchasing pool gloves from Imperial, be sure to do your best to protect them.

  • Air out your pool gloves after each use to release accumulated moisture.
  • Store your pool gloves flat and never allow them to stay bunched up.
  • Clean your billiards gloves according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Replace your gloves when they start to show too much wear and tear.

Invest in Pool Gloves From Imperial

As fourth-generation family sellers of the highest quality game room pool tables and more, the team at Imperial is proud to offer all the accessories you need, including the best and most dependable pool gloves. Find an Imperial dealer near you and buy pool gloves today.

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