Wall Racks

After finding the perfect pool table, your next step should be to find a cue rack to protect and organize your equipment. A wall rack is one of the best storage options for players who want to store their cues without taking up too much floor space.

At Imperial, we offer two-piece pool stick wall racks and larger options that can hold up to eight cues, 16 billiard balls and a triangle or nine-ball rack to provide optional storage. Imperial makes it easier than ever to choose a pool cue wall rack with our wide selection of woods and colors that perfectly complement your game room's overall aesthetics.

Benefits of Our Wall Racks

Our pool table wall racks are beautiful and functional storage options for any home. Some benefits of using a wall-mounted pool cue rack from Imperial include:

  • We make each billiard wall rack with high-quality materials for a durable equipment option.
  • Our pool wall racks do not take up any floor space, giving you more room and reducing the risk of guests bumping into the rack or knocking it over.
  • Various sizes are available to accommodate the cues and equipment you own.

How to Hang Our Two-Piece Wall Racks

Our two-piece wall racks are great for storing your cues off the ground and creating more space. Mounting them securely is quick and easy, too. Follow these steps to hang a wall-mounted cue rack:

  1. Use a stud finder to locate your studs and mark an X over each.
  2. The bottom section of the wall rack is the piece with divots that serve as resting places for your cues. Hold it horizontally against the wall to see if you need to locate and mark more than two studs.
  3. Use a level to ensure the bottom piece is horizontal against the wall. When placing the wall cue rack, make sure it is low enough that the cue tips will not rub against the ceiling.
  4. Attach the bottom of the cue rack to the wall. Use the level again to ensure it is still horizontal.
  5. Use a pool cue to measure how high you need to place the top section. Take 8 inches away from your stick's length and mount the top of the wall pool stick holder — the section that has holes for the striking end — that much higher than the bottom. 
  6. Place the level at a 90-degree angle with the ends of both sections to align the top and bottom pieces. This step is essential to ensure the cues fit vertically in the rack. 
  7. Attach the top piece to the wall.

Shop Our Wall-Mounted Pool Cue Racks Today

Getting together with friends and family to play a game of pool is an excellent way to bond while having fun. Storing your equipment with a pool table cue wall rack will let all your guests find a cue and join in on the fun. Contact us or find an Imperial dealer near you to shop our inventory of wall-mounted cue racks today!

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