Floor Racks

Your cue is an essential piece of equipment in any game of pool, and using the proper storage can ensure it remains in excellent condition. A pool cue floor rack is one of the best ways to store your gear without taking up too much space.

When you choose Imperial for your floor rack, you can choose from an array of options designed to meet your needs. With a wide selection of colors and styles, selecting a floor rack from Imperial that matches your pool table is easier than ever.

Benefits of Floor Pool Cue Racks

Protect your billiard sticks while preventing your game room from looking cluttered. Our floor racks also arrive fully assembled to eliminate the need for additional hardware. If every inch is vital in your game room, consider a cue rack floor stand that leaves plenty of space for posters or picture frames on the wall.

We also offer corner pool cue racks to optimize your game room space. Whether you choose a corner cue rack or our traditional pool stick floor racks, you'll have a long-lasting storage solution you can rely on to protect your cues.

Pool Cue Storage Tips

While properly storing your cues will help protect them, you can take additional measures to ensure your equipment remains in excellent shape:

Clean Your Cues After Use

By cleaning your pool cue after each use, you can help prevent grime buildup on the shaft, which creates resistance and affects your shots. 

As soon as you finish playing for the day, clean off any residue and oil and place your stick back into the floor pool cue holder. We recommend dampening a lint-free cloth with rubbing alcohol or furniture polish and running it over the entire length of the stick to remove dust, dirt and leftover oil from your hands. After cleaning the cue with a damp cloth, grab a dry lint-free cloth and wipe down the shaft again to remove any lingering moisture.

Keep Your Cues in a Climate-Controlled Environment

Keeping your gear in a cool, dry place and storing them in a pool cue floor stand will protect them against warping and splintering. Avoid storing your cues in other environments, like the trunk of your car, an uninsulated garage, a hot attic or a damp basement.

If you live in an area with high average humidity, you may wish to invest in a humidifier to help protect your cues. While you may not have the option to control the temperature when you travel to a new venue with your billiard cues, washing and drying your hands between games will prevent moisture.

Purchase a Floor Pool Stick Holder Today

At Imperial, we believe that your pool room should reflect your personality. Our emphasis on personal style is why we offer many designs, colors and sizes of pool cue floor stands. With expert construction and high-quality materials, you can rest assured that your pool rack will last. Contact an Imperial dealer near you to learn more about our floor pool racks or purchase one for your game room today.

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