Billiard Racks

Billiard racks are essential for helping place the billiard balls into the proper formation before breaking. Since the break is the most critical part of any billiards game, you need the best billiard rack available for a tight formation. At Imperial, we carry nine-ball racks and triangles to help you start your game off right.

How to Rack Pool Balls Properly

Racking pool balls refers to positioning them in the proper formation on the table. While each game of pool may use a different type of pool ball rack or number of billiard balls, the overall concept remains the same. 

When racking, the main thing to be conscious of is that if the balls are not tight enough, it can negatively impact your first break. Make sure their placement is correct by placing your fingers inside the frame and pushing the object balls to the front of the frame. Another option is to move the balls forward by hand and slide the pool ball rack into position. If the balls shift after lifting the frame, repeat the process until they do not move. 

How to Rack Pool Balls With a Triangle Rack

 Our triangle racks are ideal for eight-ball play which involves all 15 object balls. To correctly rack a triangle billiard ball rack:

  1. Place the triangle rack near the foot of the pool table.
  2. Center the rack with a point facing the head of the table.
  3. Place the apex ball in the point of the triangle facing the head of the table. You can use any ball you want as the apex ball, but most players use the number one ball.
  4. Place the eight ball in the middle of the rack or the second position in the third row.
  5. Put a solid and striped ball in the two bottom corners of the triangle.
  6. Place the other object balls in random positions throughout the rack. 
  7. Check that the balls are tight within the rack.
  8. Remove the rack.

How to Rack Pool Balls With a 9-Ball Rack

Imperial also offers players the option to purchase nine-ball racks. These wood pool ball racks are diamond-shaped and intended for pool games that only use balls numbered one through nine. To correctly position a nine-ball rack:

  1. Place the nine-ball rack near the foot of your pool table.
  2. Move the rack to the center with the top point facing the head of the table.
  3. Put the number apex ball in the top point of the diamond facing the head of the table. For nine-ball pool, you can only use the No. 1 ball as the apex ball.
  4. Place the No. 9 ball in the middle of the nine-ball rack.
  5. Randomly place the remaining solid balls throughout the rest of the rack.
  6. Check that the balls are tight.
  7. Carefully remove the rack.

Shop Racks at Imperial

Whether you are looking for a triangle or nine-ball rack, we have plenty of pool table accessory racks to choose from. We make all of our professional pool ball racks with reinforced corners and high-quality materials for durable racks you will use for years to come. To explore our best pool ball racks and other accessories, please contact an Imperial dealer near you today!

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