Rasson 9ft Challenger Series Plus Pool Table

Rasson 9ft Challenger Plus

Rasson 8ft Challenger Plus Weathered Grey Pool Table

Rasson 8ft Challenger Plus; Weathered Grey

Rasson Magnum 12' Snooker Table

  • 12' commercial snooker table
  • Adamath-Wood rails and a solid wood cabinet with aluminum alloy trim
  • 50mm five-piece precision cut premium slate
  • Nothern rubber billiard cushions
  • Heaters with thermostatic control underneath the slate
  • MSRP does not include cost of shipping, delivery or installation
MSRP: $11,999.00
The Rasson Magnum is a 12’ commercial snooker table designed with an array of advanced features. Adamath-Wood rails and a solid wood Cabinet with aluminum alloy trim gives a luxurious look and guarantees superior stability. Five-piece precision cut premium slate enables the most precise rolling in the industry while Northern Rubber cushions offer the most consistent response and longevity of any billiard cushion. Aluminum alloy leg plates match the cabinet trim and allow for easy adjustment to table height and leveling. The table also comes equipped with steel rail cushions, pockets made of imported cattle top layer leathers, and heaters with thermostatic control underneath the slate that guarantees safe temperature control and removes moisture both on cloth and balls. CLOTH NOT INCLUDED.