Imperial International warrants their outdoor-style pool tables against defects in material or workmanship for a period of two years following completion of purchase by agreeing to repair all parts proven to be defective and subject to such warranty.  This warranty excludes coverage of cloth and rubber components. The pool table must have been purchased from a dealer that is currently or was an Authorized Imperial International Dealer at the time of purchase. 

All claims under this Limited Warranty must be made through an Authorized Imperial International Dealer.  Proof of purchase from an Authorized Imperial International Dealer may be required to validate a claim against the Limited Warranty if the claim is made through a dealer other than the Authorized Imperial International dealer that originally sold the pool table.

This Limited Warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the table and is non-transferable.  This Limited Warranty is void if an authorized Imperial International dealer or agent does not install the pool table. 

This Limited Warranty does not imply the replacement of the entire pool table, but it does cover the replacement of such part or parts of the pool table that may prove to be defective.  Any and all parts submitted for warranty replacement must be shipped to Imperial International prepaid for inspection.  If, after examination and at the sole discretion of Imperial International, the part or parts are determined to be defective, they will be repaired or replace and returned prepaid. 

Replacement of any such defective part or parts shall constitute the complete fulfillment of any and all obligation with respect to such product.  This warranty is in lieu of any other warranty that may be expressed or implied in any way.  Imperial international neither assumes, nor authorizes any person or dealer to assume, imply, and/or extend on behalf of Imperial International any other obligation or liability other than expressed herein.

This Limited Warranty excludes damage caused by accident, misuse, alteration, abuse, flood, fire, earthquake, or any other natural disaster.  Acts of war, terrorism, or any other form of violence are also excluded from this warranty.