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Jim Rempe Billiard Training Ball by Aramith

SKU# IMP__11-132

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Short Description

• Created by Jim Rempe, Hall of Fame professional billiards player
• Training aid for all skill levels
• 2 ¼” ball is made in Belgium by the world’s largest maker of balls
• Ball is made of 100% top grade cast phenolic resin
• Patterns on both sides, one for beginners, the other for advanced skill levels

Product Information

Developed by Jim Rempe, Hall of Fame American professional pocket billiards player, to help players of all skill levels improve their game. The Jim Rempe Training Ball Set is just what you need to bring your game to the highest level. The 2 ¼” Aramith phenolic resin ball has a beginner and advanced player side to assist you in your progress. Two unique ball patterns help you see where to hit the cue ball for spin (or English) and to develop a better stroke by teaching an accurate delivery of your cue to the cue ball to optimize the rebound angle for better positioning for the next shot. The set includes an Aramith cue ball with 2 embedded patterns, and a 56-page manual to show you clearly how to use the patterns maintain complete control of the cue ball. This great training aid will get your game to the next level.
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Individual Type Training