The Eliminator 7-FT.

The Eliminator 7-FT.

The 7ft Barnstable

The Barnstable 7ft With Dining Top, Silver Mist

The Eliminator 8ft; Black

  • 1-inch unbacked K pattern slate in 7-ft. and 8-ft. models
  • Pedestal base with chrome leg levelers
  • High pressure laminate finish will provide good looks for years to come
  • Ball storage compartment
  • Pearlized double diamond inlayed sites
  • K66 cushion rubber for accurate rebound
  • Can be converted to ball return
  • Cloth not included; purchase your choice of style and color separately
  • This table is not eligable for drop ship
MSRP: $2,299.00

The Eliminator billiard table provides a modern look to a classic game. Available in 7-ft. and 8-ft. models, this pool table features a sleek pedestal base with chrome leg levelers. Built for performance, this table has a 3-piece, 1-inch unbacked K pattern slate, full profile master speed K66 cushion rubber for true rebound, and metal beam construction for durability. The high-pressure laminate finish will provide good looks for years to come. Other features include metal corner caps, 6-inch rails, internal drop pockets, and a ball storage compartment. You get great looks and peace of mind with our 10-year limited warranty. Play like a pro on The Eliminator by Imperial.

  • Ball return conversion available using 16-167 Pocket Set and 16-169 Connecting Tube Set - both sold separately
  • Cloth not included with table; purchase your choice of style and color separately.