Cuetec Warranty

Cuetec was founded in 1989 and became an overnight success. Using an original design, which is now patented, Cuetec literally re-invented the pool cue by eliminating common problems such as warping and dents, but most importantly was able to bring down the cost of pool cues to very reasonable price points. Hundreds of major titles including 9 World Championships have been won using the legendary Cuetec cue.  Cuetec Cues are available in a large variety of beautiful colors, finishes, and unique designs. Many also have features such as the Acueweight system , our exclusive adjustable weight bolt system, and Tiger tips.  There is sure to be a Cuetec cue styled to please every taste.  Just ask past and present World Champions as well as many other pros playing exclusively with Cuetec.

Cuetec Cues are unconditionally warranted against defects in manufacture, workmanship, and materials for one year. Normal wear and tear or abuse do not constitute a defect and are exempt from warranty claims. Cue must be purchased through a Cuetec authorized dealer and registered at www.cuetec.com to activate the warrantee. Cuetec authorized dealers may be found through the Dealer Locator at www.cuetec.com. Customer service must be initiated by the dealer that the cue was purchased from. Cuetec reserves the right to inspect the whole cue, shaft and/or butt, or ask for pictures to assist in final determination.  If the cue is deemed under warrantee we will repair or replace all or part of the cue based on this inspection or the inspection by the dealer where the cue was purchased. Any items replaced will be destroyed at our discretion as part of the warrantee agreement.