Garlando Storm Table Tennis Racket

• 2+ star rated and ITTF approved
• Designed for the hobbyist
• Pips in rubber facing for control and good speed and spin
• 1/16" sponge underlay
• 1/4-inch hard plywood blade
• Reverse rubber meets ITTF code 8086
• Racket ratings: (min. 1 - max. 10): Speed: 5; Spin:42; Control: 9
• Anatomical handle

Garlando Brand Video

MSRP: $8.99
Do you play table tennis as a hobby with your family? Then this is the racket for you. The Garlando Storm is rated 2+ stars and is ITTF approved. It has pips in rubber on a 1/4" blade with 1/16" sponge underlay. The reverse rubber meets ITTF code 8086. Racket is rated (min. 1 - max. 10): Speed: 5; Spin:4; Control: 9. Anatomical handle.