Triangle Racks

Whether you're looking for an elegant wood triangle rack or would like one made of durable plastic, you'll find the perfect pool ball triangle rack at Imperial. Our wooden and plastic racks are safe to use on your pool table cloth and leave no scratches or marks.

Benefits of Pool Triangle Racks

Using a billiard ball triangle rack from Imperial can help improve your game. Our triangle rack helps lock in object balls for an explosive break. Some additional benefits of using an Imperial pool table triangle rack are:

  • Creating a consistent and tight rack every time, even on different cloths.
  • Causing no damage to your table's slate and cloth.
  • Compatibility with various pool balls.
  • A lightweight design that is easy to use and carry.

6 Racking Tips

Racking is one of the most critical elements of any game of pool. If your rack is too loose, it can affect the results of your break. 

If you've ever hit a great break shot but didn't get the spread you were hoping for, your rack may not have been tight enough. Luckily, correcting your racking strategy is easy with a professional pool triangle rack and these six tips.

1. Keep the Billiard Balls Tight

It is essential to ensure the pool balls are tight within the rack. Once you get all the balls into the pool table triangle, make sure they touch and leave no space in between.

2. Place the Apex Ball First

The apex ball is the most important ball when racking because it is typically the first ball for most pool games. When racking, put the apex ball into the correct position before adding the remaining object balls.

3. Spin the Balls on the Perimeter

If your pool balls will not settle into position, you can try spinning the balls on the outer edge. Turning them will push the fibers of the felt outward and help the balls sit better.

4. Remove the Frame Properly

Use caution when removing the rack to ensure your billiard balls stay in the correct position. When removing, lift the billiard triangle rack upwards from the back end and slide the rack forward away from the apex ball.

5. Keep the Felt Clean

If your billiard balls do not stay still while racking, take a second to brush the table felt in the area where you're racking. Brushing the felt will help raise the cloth fibers and provide a better surface.

6. Take Care of Your Equipment

A worn triangle rack or pool balls that have lost their roundness can cause irregularities. Make sure your gear is in good enough shape to hold a solid rack before you play.

Browse Our Best Pool Ball Racks at Imperial Today

Make sure your next break creates an even spread with a triangle pool rack from Imperial. We make all of our racks with high-quality materials and reinforced corners for a durable piece of equipment you can rely on for years. Find an Imperial dealer near you today to find the best pool triangle rack for your next game.

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