9-Ball Racks

Rack your next pool game in style with a nine-ball billiards rack from Imperial. Whether you choose one of our beautiful wood options or prefer a durable and sleek plastic one, you can be confident you'll have a great break every time. Our racks use the highest-quality materials for a reliable piece of hardware you can use again and again. Each plastic and wood nine-ball rack is also safe to use on any pool table cloth to prevent damage like scratches and marks.

Benefits of 9-Ball Pool Racks

When you buy a billiards nine-ball rack from Imperial, you do more than invest in a beautiful piece of equipment — you enhance your game. Our nine-ball racks will help improve your break by racking the balls as tightly as possible and setting you up for a successful shot. Some additional benefits you'll experience from our best nine-ball pool racks include:

  • Creating a tight rack every time on assorted cloth materials.
  • A user-friendly design that allows for quick racking.
  • Causing no damage to the pool table's cloth or slate.
  • Compatibility with pool balls from various brands.
  • Reinforced and rounded corners to easily slide racked balls across your pool table.

5 Tips for an Effective 9-Ball Break

The break is the first shot of any pool game. Properly executing a solid break shot can be the difference between winning and losing a game, so knowing the correct technique is essential. Here are five of the best tips and tricks to help you achieve an effective break every time:

  1. Rack the balls as tight as possible: Use your fingers to move the balls closer to one another or push the billiard nine-ball rack forward slightly to ensure the balls are as close as possible and leave no gaps. If you have mismatched balls or billiard balls from different manufacturers, place them in the back row.
  2. Keep the cue ball in the center of the table: It's more effective to hit the balls squarely than using excessive force. Keep the cue ball in your pool table's center to have the greatest chance of making contact.
  3. Choose your break spot: Aim your cue ball at the center of the head ball. Draw an imaginary line from the cue ball to the middle of the head ball to find a contact point.
  4. Lock in alignment: Stay focused on the cue ball throughout the break. Keeping your eyes on the cue ball will ensure you hit the correct contact point.
  5. Stand up higher: Standing up higher will give your arm the space to follow through with your shot. As you practice with a new stance, start by focusing on your accuracy before working on speed.

Find Your Perfect Billiard Table 9-Ball Rack at an Imperial Dealer Today

Start improving your game with our best 9-ball racks from Imperial today. Our lightweight and durable racks are easy to transport, allowing you to travel to your favorite pool hall or competitions with ease. Find an Imperial dealer near you to browse our selection of nine-ball racks today.

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