Novolan Cloth Advisory

According to the Standard for the Flammability of Clothing Textiles codified at 16 CFR Part 1610, of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), our fabrics 15465T/1 (LEISURE) and 15484T/1 (PREMIER) are exempt (or Class 1). Below is an excerpt of notes from the Standard that may help to understand the kind of fabrics these are:

The purpose of the Standard is for the issuing of guarantees in accordance with the Flammable Fabrics Act (FFA). The Standard establishes flammability requirements that all clothing textiles, as defined in §1610.2, must meet before sale or introduction into commerce. The Standard provides a method for testing (§1610.6) and establishes three classes of flammability performance of textiles and textile products used for clothing (§1610.4), thereby restricting the use of any dangerously flammable clothing textiles (those designated Class 3).

Samples resulting in a designation of Class 1 or 2 meet the requirements of the Standard. A sample fails to meet the requirements of the Standard if the sample is designated as Class 3, Rapid and intense burning.

Based on years of test experience, CPSC staff has identified several cases where samples can be exempted from testing. Refer to §1610.1(d) of the Standard for specific exemptions.

Plain surface fabrics weighing 88.2 g/m2 (2.6 oz/yd2) or greater.
Plain or raised surface fabrics regardless of fabric weight made entirely from or combinations of the following generic fiber types:
-   Acrylic
-   Modacrylic
-   Nylon
-   Olefin
-   Polyester
-   Wool

Our fabrics comply with both conditions to be exempt, which means these are not easily flammable.