Pool Table Finishes

One of the primary decisions when buying a new pool table is choosing the table finish. At Imperial, we provide a range of pool table wood finishes, giving you multiple options, from dark to light wood finishes in varying colors to best match your home's design aesthetic.

Explore Our Finishes

Take a look at some of our most popular pool table wood finishes and find the one that best suits you:

Shop Acacia


For a natural, light wood pool table finish, choose Acacia. The swirls and tones of the wood grain are visible, lending a warm and classic look to your home.


Shop Acacia


Black suits any space. The color of ink, this black pool table finish is smooth to the touch with little-to-no grain visible, leaving you with a clean and modern piece.


Shop Coffee


Our Coffee finish is smooth and inviting with an appealing dark grain, giving it a regal, traditional feel. Its natural deep brown swirls and tones resemble a perfect cup of joe.


Shop Acacia


For a more modern wood pool table stain, consider our elegant Kona finish. Inspired by the black sand beaches of Hawaii, Kona is a dark, almost black, finish with a luxurious and unique feel.


Shop Smooth Silver Mist

Smooth Silver Mist

Silver Mist is gray with dark gray undertones, making it a popular modern design choice. It offers the perfect light finish for contemporary interiors with dark decor elements.


Shop Walnut Mist

Walnut Mist

Walnut Mist is a light but warm wood pool table finish in which the natural wood grain takes center stage. With its slight orange-red hue, our Walnut finish is the perfect choice to balance a room with cooler tones like blues, greens, and grays.


Shop Whiskey


Whiskey is our classic brown, dark wood pool table finish, perfect for a vintage-style table design to give it an authentic look. Inspired by the rich brown of aged whiskey barrels, the grain of the wood is visible with some light flecking.


Shop White


White is classic and clean, incorporating hints of yellowish honey hues, which pair perfectly with grays and greens. Find this solid, smooth finish mixed in with our two-tone styles and on our outdoor pool tables.


Choosing Your Pool Table Finish

With so many pool table wood stain colors and design style options to choose from, it's best to keep a few things in mind when picking your perfect pool table, such as your room colors and decor style. Here are a few options to consider when choosing your pool table stain:

  • Creating a contrast: Whether considering a modern or classic look, you can make a light wood pool table stand out on a dark wood floor or frame a dark wood table in a room surrounded by light walls, floors and decor.
  • Blending in: If you'd prefer your new pool table to compliment your home decor, take note of the existing dominant colors and wood stain finishes in the room and ensure your pool table's frame, cabinetry, and felt align with those. 
  • Setting the tone: Should your pool table be the highlight of the room, incorporate a stain that enhances the atmosphere, such as yellow and red wood tones for warmth or blacks, grays, and whites for a sleek contemporary feel.

Select a Quality Pool Table Finish at Imperial

When you see the Imperial name, you know you've found a pool table or accessory crafted with care using only the finest quality materials. Our solid wood pool tables make an ideal centerpiece in any entertainment or dining room, regardless of your finish. We also offer completely customized pool tables if you want a more specific design or color to meet your decor needs. Find an Imperial dealer near you today to get your premium-quality pool table.